Newest craze. #makeuptransformation ala voltage lol

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I bought Sam's main story on WL&SN. So amazing!! I played the fail ending and before I knew it I was crying! Great writing, illustrations, everything. Now excuse me I'm going to play me some Darren Young.

We only create amazing, you are welcome. 

Chadwick’s family friends offer the two a trip to a romantic getaway at the beach…but is this a ruse for asking for a bigger favor? Why are they so interested that Chadwick is a secret service agent?

Download Chadwick now:

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4 Endings?

does it get awkward when you guys write the sex scenes in your games??? i'm just askin cause when those moments come up, i start to blush a lot, so i was wondering if you guys do too… i'm just curious

It’s only awkward if you make it awkward. :) We have a pretty relaxed and open environment here at Voltage USA.

Some of us still get sweaty palms and some of us pop open the chips.

Be awarded with the proper badge according to your ending.

Learn more at our Devblog tomorrow at noon (PST):

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Does voltage inc. also have a tumblr or is it just Voltage USA that has one

Yes! Our parent company, Voltage Inc. now has a Tumblr:


If your waiting for a sign to enter? This is your sign.

Your prize awaits to be claimed, win up to $5000:

Contest Ends September 30th, 2014.

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Don’t Wait, it’s your time to shine.

Show us what you’re made of:

Contest Ends September 30th, 2014.

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u guys should make "seakeasy tonight" into a movie, i would so pay to see that :}

Let’s see if Emma Watson is open to play the role of Vince, in Speakeasy Tonight


Shark Weak, Heroine Strong

It’s like surfing… but better.

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Two questions (sorry): Will Queen's Gambit have more sexual situations like Speakeasy Tonight did? And, will you ever release Speakeasy Tonight on Android devices? Thank you!


Quoted from our Devblog:

"Just how sexy are these new men going to be?

LN: What’s your definition of sexy?  I don’t want to toot the horn too much, but I think we have the sexiest type of man for everyone out there… in Voltage USA history! Or so I hope. ^_^;;

LAC: The sexiest ever. Okay, in all seriousness, we’re pretty sure QG has the hottest scenes (both in writing and illustration) thus far for Voltage USA. Our special event illustrations even made me blush!”

Speakeasy Tonight is an iOS exclusive. Our next game on Android is going to be Queen’s Gambit!